Return shipments

Very simple to follow. The instructions below

return Policy

We do not fuss about returning. The only conditions are that the product is not used, is in perfect new condition, if reasonably possible, still in the original package purchased from and that you have returned the product. Within 14 days of receipt

This is determined on the basis of the postmark.

Products that can not be taken back its products which due to their nature and use. (where, for example hygiene in the first place).

Please send your product postage prepaid and include (a copy of) your order or a note with your name and order number back to:
stating Return (order)
Doezastraat 4
HB 2311 Leiden

And what else?
Upon receipt of your return, you will receive notice.
We deposit, if required, upon receipt and inspection of the product, the amount within ten working days to your account.
We always pay back the account with which you also paid. If you have paid by credit card, so you will see the refund back only on your credit card statement. Sometimes you will see the payment on a statement and refund until the overview that follows a month later. This is due to the monthly period which your credit card company sends the statements.

Not prepaid shipments will be charged!
If you unstamped return your return to us, we keep the costs have been charged by TNT and fined in the amount which is reproduced fund to you. TNT charges a strafporti of 14 euros, excluding postage.

Returned items that do not meet the conditions
This we will do, but we reserve the right to withhold or refuse in our return process. Article then costs are in You will get a message of course. These articles we can return to you after you do so have transferred the shipping. Of course not, do that in this case, your product to charity. If a product return sent which do not meet the conditions, damaged, packaging is devastated: it will not be processed as a return and we will contact you.


Tip: You can send it as you received from us, you’re fine.

Defective products on arrival (this is separate from the guarantee)
We are very careful with our products and check this entry and packing the shipment. If we have nevertheless missed something or is the product is damaged during the shipping, we encourage you to let us know by e-mail. As soon as possible, If you let nothing and no mention of a faulty arrival occurs in the return (write anything on the order), then the risk is with you. We can then not longer check whether the defect is our fault or send. From the moment you receive a product, the responsibility for it is (legally) with you. So unless you report this as soon as possible. Therefore, we always ask you to verify. Order carefully A little at a glance:

The reporting of a defect in unpacking / Arrivals must take place in advance by e-mail.
Wait for our instructions before you return.
If we ask you to send the item back to course your shipping refunded.
Defective items: please get in contact with us.

Loss of your return
Also, if your return is lost is at your own risk until the moment it arrives naturally to us.

Do you have a return and you late?
Of course, something happens which makes it difficult to pick up. Return period of 14 days We. Understand Please anyway always contact us by e-mail, then we look at it. Shipments just sent that we reject and which we later hear what is going on continue denied.

14 day return period
You can drag items within 14 days of receipt simply return. This does not mean that you should try. The 14 days Returns can only be an article with the above conditions.

In brief

The cost of returning to your own account.
We do not charge for processing returns.
When returning the product value plus any postage paid for the outward journey reimbursed. These shipping costs are only reimbursed if you return the entire order, if you keep a few items.