Pay safe!

Secure payments?

Curo Payment is a secure payment system that collects your financial data in a secure manner and gives them to the banking institution carrying out the financial transaction. The security of online payments for Curo Payment constant concern. Curo Payment has all the necessary certificates and approvals from financial institutions / banks to handle sensitive information.

What is SSL?

It is obvious that we use SSL to protect all data. (Addresses, order information, payment information, etc.) SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encrypted connection that secures communications over the Internet.

How do I know my information is secure?

You can check on the basis of several factors whether you are indeed in a secure zone. All browsers SSL compatible display an icon when they are in secure mode. Moreover, in a secured area changes the beginning of the URL from “http” to “https”, meaning that the SSL protocol for communication with the server is .. (http = HyperText Transport Protocol; https = HTTP with SSL. )

What is 3-D Secure and SecureCode for credit cards?

D Secure and SecureCode make online payments even more secure. The 3D Secure technology was developed by Visa and is offered under the brand name Verified by Visa. Under the label MasterCard SecureCode MasterCard also offers this standard. 3-D Secure and SecureCode are an extra step when placing your order that is provided for your safety. You will be protected from abuse of your card number because you confirm your identity before payment.

How does it work? Your card is not activated by default for 3-D Secure and SecureCode. For the payment of your order may be asked to activate your card. 3-D Secure After that will always be asked to create a digital signature for each online verification of your credit card. This code is then immediately checked by your own bank. There are a number of variants of digital signature, depending on your bank.
It may be a self-selected password, a PIN provided by your bank, but there may also be asked to create a digital signature using a Digipass or random reader.