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A. Borlind natural make-up

New: Spruce Warming Bath Essence comforts and invigorates

On wet, dreary days, there is nothing more delightful than an invigorating yet relaxing bath – with Spruce Warming Bath Essence.

The delicately spicy fragrance of spruce needles lets you breathe freely and offers a blissful sense of calm. Added to warm bath water, the essential spruce needle oil heats the body to the core with long‑lasting effect, naturally supporting the skin’s circulation.

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Natural Bronzer by Uoga-Uoga

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Moisturizing makeup Borlind

Vloeibare make up Hazel 51W 30ml Borlind

Makeup from ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND underlines your natural beauty in a glamorous way. Carefully selected substances from nature and innovative formulas give our cosmetics care properties and good compatibility.

NEW! Organic deopowder by The Ohm collection

The finest of differences made transparent

What percentage of the ingredients in natural cosmetics are organic? What are the minimum standards and the maximum values? Furthermore: how can you describe the high quality of a product other than through its material properties – its finely tuned composition, its more than biochemical effect?

Our cosmetics range is certified with the international quality seal for authentic natural and organic cosmetics ‘NATRUE’. T

Deodorant poeder Jasmijn 120 gram The Ohm Collect