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Economical Sans Soucis makeup.

Take advantage of clearance discounts at 2b-natural.

Sans Soucis makeup is renewed at 2b but we still have the "old" colors!

Habituated to certain colors? Take a quick look maybe you color is still there!

Het natuurlijke beschermingsschild voor uw huid.

Het natuurlijke beschermingsschild voor uw huid. Met Beauty Pearls werd nu een unieke lijn voor bescherming van uw huid ontwikkeld. De in een gel ingebedde, waardevolle bestanddelen van d…

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Spruce Warming Bath Essence comforts and invigorates

Spruce Warming Bath Essence comforts and invigorates

On wet, dreary days, there is nothing more delightful than an invigorating yet relaxing bath – with Spruce Warming Bath Essence.

The delicately spicy fragrance of spruce needles lets you breathe freely and offers a blissful sense of calm. Added to warm bath water, the essential spruce needle oil heats the body to the core with long‑lasting effect, naturally supporting the skin’s circulation.

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2B-Natural is a 'green' shop at the international level.

Our range consists exclusively of natural and fair trade products. These are suitable for normal to sensitive skin. Our mission is to provide everyone an appropriate, natural care to find. Honest and appropriate advice we find in 2B-Natural is very important. If you have questions about a particular product, please contact us for advice.

Take a look at our new shop and be surprised by the wide range of natural and unique products. The pure, natural and beautiful skin care and beauty products in 2B-Natural attractive and competitively priced.

We believe everyone deserves affordable luxury.


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Yoni: rethinking periods

Yoni: rethinking periods

Rethinking periods? Yep rethinking! Have you ever thought about what your tampons, pads or panty liners are made of? Ever tried finding out? When we did we came up with the idea for Yoni. We believe all women should be able to find out what they’re using in and next to their vagina. That’s why we list on the box what’s in the box. Our products are made of organic cotton. We don’t add plastic, perfume or anything else. They’re protective and biodegradable. Join us on our mission to revolutionize this industry!


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